We started this company with one goal in mind.... To provide Erie with the best DJ's that mix the best music at a reasonable price! Contact us today so we can provide you with a custom price quote for your event and show you what separates us from all the rest!

Who Are We?

You may be thinking “Erie DJ Company… That sounds like one of those big corporate DJ Companies that just sends any DJ to your event.” Not true! We are in fact a locally owned and operated company that was founded in Erie by owners Tam & Mike.

After working with some of the other top wedding DJ companies, we saw what they were charging and quickly realized that we could do a better job at a lower price. So we started this company with that goal in mind, which was to provide Erie with the best DJ's that mix the best music at a reasonable price! Since then, we have earned a fantastic reputation and had a blast creating amazing memories with our clients. Please Contact Us today so we can provide you with a customized price quote for your event!

We Specialize in Weddings!

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Have you ever been to a wedding just to leave at the end of the night saying to yourself “Well that was just like any other wedding I’ve been too?” Our company’s goal is to make sure your guests leave drenched in sweat from dancing so hard, saying to themselves ”Wow…That was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to!”

With all of our experience DJing Weddings, we know how to keep your guests on dance floor without the cheesiness of the “Typical Wedding DJ.” Check out our “Weddings” page to learn more about why we are the top wedding DJ’s in Erie!

How Do We Choose Our DJ’s?

The criteria for being a DJ on our team is very strict. We only pick the best local DJ’s and they must be able to rock a dance floor nightclub style, while staying true to the client’s requests. All of our award winning DJ’s have professional experience at weddings & nightclubs and everything in-between! Please visit the our DJ’s page to learn more about the award winning DJ’s on our team.

Our Favorite Pics of the Year...